Monte Zucker was a photographer for nearly sixty years, producing wedding photography and portraits that are often credited as genre- defining works of the. Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Master Posing Guide for Children's Portrait Photography. Read more Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook. Master Posing Guide for Children's Portrait Photography · Read more Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook · Read more.

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Monte Zucker's Portrait Photography Handbook: Originally sold as a page book for $, now every issue has been scanned and digitized in PDF book. Revision History for the Third Edition JavaScript Development Tools. easier to learn web development, and easier to de. free download for igcse mathematics mark scheme paper 2 21 october november psc question paper bootforman encounters with.

Logistically the decision to use window lighting and portable flash was also innovative and brilliant.

By using window light he was able to set up and shoot anywhere during the day with a minimum of equipment. Not needing a "brick and mortar" studio allowed him to work for many years out of his Silver Spring home with just a reception area and room for meeting clients which lowered his overhead. Monte later opened studios in a high-end department store, shopping mall and other locations and switched to using studio flash rather than window light.

He continued to innovate, setting up his studio with identical "key" and "hair" lights on both sides of the room allowing a subject to be faced right or left, depending on their most flattering side, without the need to move the lighting gear—another example of his "keep it simple" approach to the technical part of the craft.

It also likely convinced other photographers to equip their studios similarly, which no doubt pleased his studio lighting equipment sponsor.

Intuitive marketing genius[ edit ] Monte was highly regarded by others in wedding-related businesses due to his practice of routinely photographing flower arrangements, the wedding cake, food buffets, and the band in action at weddings and sending the vendors free prints to show off their work. He took the extra step of identically matting and framing the prints to make it easy for the vendors to hang them up.

Monte Zucker

It was an example of Monte's intuitive marketing acumen because very top-end wedding business in the Washington area had a "Monte Wall" with his name gold foil stamped in the corner of every photo, which generated enthusiastic referrals. Second career as a teacher[ edit ] In the s most wedding photographers were members of the Professional Photographers of America PPofA , which regularly held print competitions at meetings and conventions.

Monte, with his innovative combination of window lighting and dual flash, started winning competitions at the state and national levels in the "Candid" category of the competitions, which gave him recognition beyond his small niche market. Awards in competition led to offers to teach at PPofA events and training seminars, and to writing a column on wedding photography he called "Candid Comments" in the PPofA magazine.

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He also attracted the support of sponsors such as Rolleiflex whose cameras he used at the time and Meisel Photo Labs which he used for his own work. For example, to get perfect full-range lighting ratios in candid reception shots he used identical flash units controlling the ratio and keeping it consist by controlling distance.

If shooting from 11 feet 3. Moving in to 6 feet 1. With that simple-to-grasp technique it was possible to capture every shot at a wedding reception with stunning 3D and perfectly controlled ratios and exposure as instinctively as focusing the camera. Devising similar easy to learn "" techniques for posing people and finding the most flattering facial angles allowed Mr.

Picture Perfect Posing: Practicing the Art of Posing for Photographers and Models

Zucker to effectively teach complex topics like lighting and posing at large venues like a PPofA National convention to an audience of hundreds in a way they could later go home and duplicate successfully. That made him very popular as a speaker and instructor but also opened him up to criticism by some as having a rigid, non-creative, rule-based "paint by numbers" or "cookie-cutter" approach.

But in the context of wedding photography where the goal is to flatter the couple and guest, and there is often one chance to capture action, that was a formula for predictable flattering results and a satisfied client. Later years[ edit ] An irony of becoming recognized and very successful for having a distinctive style in a niche market like weddings is that clients, both photographic and students, wanted his trademark style, making it difficult to stray too far from it.

Monte's decision to retire from the wedding business and relocate to Florida in the s was liberating for him creatively because it freed him from the constraint of his classic wedding style and coincided with the innovations of digital photography and the Internet.

He embraced both with the same enthusiasm and lack of creative restraints he had as a teenager discovering photography for the first time, and shared his experiences with others via Zuga. His "retirement" was short-lived, and up to the time of his death he remained a popular speaker and teacher, sharing his enthusiasm for the new digital capture and editing medium without the creative restraint of the conventional style of portraiture and wedding coverage which had made him a renowned photographer who was universally recognized by just his first name.

Personal life[ edit ] Unusually for a photography magazine columnist, Zucker mentioned aspects of his personal life in his columns, including his diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Since I have read the book I have already made much better portraits, because now I can see what makes a pose awkward and change it so that I get better resu I just started getting more serious about Portrait Photography. Since I have read the book I have already made much better portraits, because now I can see what makes a pose awkward and change it so that I get better results.

The rest now is practise, practise, practise. I can absolutely recommend this book for anyone who needs help on that subject.

I particularly learned a lot from the chapters on hands, eyes, and nose as the x factor. I appreciate that he includes his own work as examples and is not afraid to say "whoops I messed up on that one, but am including it for your learning" Some of the way he explains the body and poses was a little over my head. However I plan to go back over it and study certain points. Was enjoyable and Roberto did not come acro Roberto Valenzuela gives some interesting pointers in his journey through posing.

It's just everything you need about the topic.

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Even though I have not read many other posing books, this book goes above and beyond.For each of these, I of using a Vivitar flash on camera, to the more com- have included details such as my visual objective, the plicated lighting setup of five power packs and twelve equipment used, posing techniques, and a few tips that strobe heads.

Softar II filter Assignment and shot close and wide. Start with her looking regal and dignified. More importantly, I turned off the fluorescent tographed Theo throughout the theater, sitting down, lights that illuminated the poster to avoid a green standing up etc.

Try to meet your model a week or two before the shoot.

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