satisfaction from the unique range of technical features on your BMW. This Owner's Manual should be considered a permanent part of this vehicle. It. maximum satisfaction from your BMW's unique array of advanced technical fea- This Owner's Manual should be considered a permanent part of this vehicle. It. BMW 3 E46 Manual _Eng - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. BMW 3 Series E

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General 1 of 5 20Manuals/0 How to Use This Manual WARNING! Your common sense and. Documents are official BMW 3 series manuals in standard PDF format. . 01 41 0 | MB | Download; BMW Ci, Ci (e46) Convertable | Owner's. Workshop and owners manuals for the BMW 3 Series. To read online or download as a PDF. E46 Facelift Owner's Manual. English. Covers BMW 3 Series.

For more information, see page 66 ble, have been switched off at the but- You can continue to drive, but ton, or are defective. Cruise control engine power is cut back and engine Please consult the nearest BMW Comes on when the system is speed is reduced. Please arrange for Service. BMW xi, xi, xd: wheel. ADB-X If light comes on during journey: cannot be switched off.

Blue: for your information Fault in the DBC system. Normal For more information, see page brake action is not affected no High-beam headlights restrictions.

Comes on when the high head- Yellow: for your information Have the failed system repaired by light beams are in use or the BMW Service. Rear fog light headlight flasher is used. For more information, see page Comes on when rear fog light is For more information, see pages 66, 88 Add washer fluid in use. Do not start the engine until the For more information, see page light has gone out.

For more information, see page For more information, see page 66 ble, have been switched off at the but- You can continue to drive, but ton, or are defective.

Cruise control engine power is cut back and engine Please consult the nearest BMW Comes on when the system is speed is reduced. Please arrange for Service. ADB-X If light comes on during journey: Normal For more information, see page brake action is not affected no High-beam headlights restrictions. Comes on when the high head- Yellow: Rear fog light headlight flasher is used.

For more information, see page Comes on when rear fog light is For more information, see pages 66, 88 Add washer fluid in use. Do not start the engine until the For more information, see page light has gone out. Integrated into the multifunctional steering wheel are buttons to permit the.

Overview following functions to be performed Forward: Cruise control: Press briefly: Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Press briefly: Hold down longer: Switch between telephone and radio, cassette, CD or MD. Data Cruise control: The warning triangle is stored at the left The first aid kit is under the front pas- Fuel filler flap. Lightly press the rear edge to open or partment. To open: The fuel filler flap can be released man- Please note that you may be To close: Check in the right-hand side panel of the lug- the expiry dates of the various items gage compartment.

Note the safety precautions dis- Comply with legal requirements con- played at garages and filling sta- cerning the need to carry a first aid kit in tions when handling fuel. Refuelling Fuel grade Closing the fuel filler cap: Unleaded fuel. Place the cap in position and turn it The engine runs only on unleaded pet-.

Overview clockwise until it closes with a clearly rol, which can also be sulphur-free. Since the engines have a knock control Fuel tank capacity: The engine of your BMW is designed to run on:. Run the engine on this petrol by prefer- Simple and environmentally ence, in order to achieve rated perform- friendly ance and petrol consumption. Place the screw cap in the holder, see You can also run the engine on: If the filler noz- This fuel is also known as: If the pump nozzle has been operated Never use petrol containing lead if.

Data correctly, the fuel tank will be full when the car is equipped with a cata- the fuel supply is shut off for the first lytic converter, otherwise the oxygen time. Keywords In order to avoid damaging the catalytic converter, do not run the fuel tank dry.

Incorrect tyre In addition to the fuel grades listed pressures can adversely affect the car's above, you can also fill the tank with roadholding and cause tyre damage, leaded petrol. The minimum approved grade is Also remember to check the pressure in 91 RON.

These tyre pressures apply to makes of Winter diesel Checking tyre pressures tyre and tyre sizes approved by BMW To ensure that the diesel engine oper- All pressures are listed in bar gauge and known to BMW Service. If other ates reliably during the cold season of pressure , with the equivalents in kPa makes of tyre are fitted to the car, the year, it must be run on winter-grade and pounds per square inch, for tyres at higher tyre pressures may be needed.

Fuel filter table below. Cars with tyre pressure control RDC: Additives are not approved, After correcting the tyre pressure, reac- because their use could result in tivate the system; see page Tyre pressures Minor repairs Maintenance Controls i All summer tyres 2.

BMW i, d: Data BMW i, xi: BMW xi: This key is not intended for regu- when the driver's door is closed. You can also use the coloured adhe- Operating the central locking system sive labels you received with the car from inside the car does not lock the as identifiers for the keys fuel filler flap, see page If it is oper- ated from outside the car, the anti-theft Each master key incorporates a system is activated at the same time.

It long-life battery which is automat- prevents the doors from being unlocked ically recharged in the ignition switch either at the safety lock buttons or door during the journey. The alarm system is also acti- You should, therefore, use the master vated or deactivated. In addition, the hazard warning flashers and the interior light are switched on. The principle If the remote control is unable to lock the car, this means that the The remote control is an extremely con-.

Overview battery in the key is discharged. You venient way to lock and unlock your should use the master key in question car. There are also two additional func- to drive the car on a lengthy trip in order tions: Minor repairs Maintenance Controls underground garage, for example spare key to hotel staff, for example.

Data The doors can be locked from the inside by persons or animals in the passenger compartment. Always take. Keywords the car keys with you so that the car can be opened from the outside. The power win- lock triggers the alarm.

The tilt alarm sensor and the inte- ignition key to position 1. Switching on interior light Do not lock the vehicle with the Unlocking remote control if there is someone inside, because the doors cannot sub- sequently be unlocked from inside.

Press button. If you wish, you can have this spe- For more information, see page The Opening luggage compartment lid closing procedure is interrupted as soon as the button is released. The luggage compartment lid opens slightly, regardless of whether it was.

Overview previously locked or unlocked. Before and after every journey, make sure that the luggage com- partment lid has not been opened acci- dentally. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Interference. Systems or devices in the vicinity of the car can interfere with remote control.

If this happens, you can open and close the car by inserting a master key in the door lock or the lock of the luggage compartment lid. On these cars, unlocking at the door lock triggers the alarm. To switch off the alarm:. For further details on the alarm system, see page Watch the closing movement to ensure that no-one is trapped. The movement is stopped when the key is released.

To avoid being shut out of the car accidentally, the driver's door cannot be locked with the safety button when it is open. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls The doors can be locked from the inside by persons or animals in the passenger compartment. Always take This button is used to operate the cen- the key with you, so that the car can be tral locking system when the front doors opened from the outside. This only locks or unlocks the doors and the luggage compart- ment lid, but does not engage the deadlocks.

If you wish, the central locking system can be set to engage as soon as the car is driven away. You can have this setting programmed as part of the Key Memory facility. Data Unlocking and opening.

Lock Locking separately Opening from outside. Only the master keys fit the lock of the Turn the master key to the right past the Press the button in the strip handle, see luggage compartment lid, see page This locks the luggage compartment lid When the lid is open, the luggage com- and disconnects it from the central partment is illuminated. If you then hand over only door and ignition key, the luggage Manual operation. The luggage compartment is locked again as soon as its lid is closed.

Luggage compartment lid Luggage compartment If it is necessary to travel with the lug- gage compartment lid open, observe. Overview the following precautions: Set the air conditioning system or automatic air conditioning to a high rate of air flow, see page 90 or 94, as. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls appropriate. To close Floor panel. Recessed handles in the luggage com- To raise the floor panel, lift it at the ring partment lid lining, see arrows, make it and secure it with the flap to the rubber easier to pull the lid down when closing seal on the rain gutter, see arrow.

To avoid injuries, as with any clos- ing process, ensure that the clos- ing zone of the luggage compartment lid is unobstructed. Keep the luggage compartment lid closed at all times when the car is. Data being driven, to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the car. The alarm system is triggered: Floor mat Depending on the national-market ver- Unlocking these cars at the door lock You can turn the floor mat over if nec- sion of the car, the alarm system indi- triggers off the alarm.

The rubberised side can be in different ways: You can arrange for several sig- nals to be provided as confirma- tion that the alarm has been activated or deactivated. Overview After the alarm has stopped, the telltale if light once again flashes continuously. The tilt alarm sensor and the interior The tilt alarm sensor and interior movement detector can be switched off.

Minor repairs Maintenance Controls movement detector will be together. This avoids false alarms, for switched off inadvertently if the conven- example due to the movements which ient closure movement of the windows occur if your car is in an elevator garage and sunroof is interrupted within the or on a train: Alarm system telltale light first 10 seconds and restarted. Even if an item is not closed The telltale light comes on briefly, then fully, the remaining items are pro- flashes continuously.

The tilt alarm sen- tected and the telltale light begins to sor and interior movement detector are flash continuously after 10 seconds. Keywords can operate correctly, the windows and ing your absence sunroof must be closed. When leaving the car, always take out the ignition key and close the doors, so that children cannot operate the electric windows and possibly injure themselves.

Opening and closing windows For convenient opening and closure by Despite this protective function, the remote control or door lock, see make sure that the window is From ignition key position 1 pages 32 and page If the contact strip is com- pressed as the window closes, the and holding it down.

Press the switch again to halt the opening movement. Always press the childproof safety switch when children are on the rear seat. Careless closure of electric windows can cause injury. Overview avoided. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Automatic opening and closing.

Press the switch beyond the initial detent position: From ignition key position 1 Touching the switch again halts the You can operate the electric sunroof for movement immediately. Data "Raised" limit position. The deflector is pushed back slightly as the roof panel rises, and moves with the panel as it opens.

To deactivate this protective function, press the switch beyond its normal operating point and hold it down. Take out the interior light, reach into the aperture and press out the cover 2. Correct seated position Seats You have to be comfortably seated in Seat belts must sit right Before adjusting. Overview ing. In conjunction with the seat belts son with each seat belt; do not while the car is in motion. The seat and the airbags, a correct seating posi- permit babies and small children to could move unexpectedly, leading to tion enhances passive safety for the travel on the lap of another occupant.

Do accident. Comply with the following must be taut across the pelvis and not recline the seat back too far when instructions in order not to detract from shoulder, as close as possible to the the car is being driven this applies in. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls the protective capabilities of the car's body. They should not pass over hard particular to the front passenger , or safety systems.

The seat belt must there will be a risk of "submarining" Additional information on safety for chil- not run across the wearer's neck, nor under the seat belt, so that the belt dren: If possible, avoid bulky Adjusting the seats.

In addition, gered. Do not interpose any other per- the restraining effect is reduced if the son, animals or objects between the seat belt is slack against the wearer's airbags and the seated person. Do not body. Pregnant women should also use the cover of the front airbag on the wear the seat belt, making sure that the passenger side as a storage tray, and lap strap is well down on the hips and do not permit the front-seat passenger does not press on the abdominal region.

Data to travel with their feet or legs on this of the body. See page 46 for instructions on operat- See page 52 for details of the locations. Keywords ing the belt buckles. After releasing the lever, slide the Pull the lever several times until the seat backwards or forwards very desired angle is obtained slightly until it engages correctly 2 To tilt down: Data Comply with the adjusting instruc- bottom.

Press the button, see arrow 1, and Wearing seat belts. Always wear the seat belt at all times on every journey.

To close. The seat belt buckle must be heard to engage.

To reach the lowest position, press the button, see arrow 1. Adjusting rake angle of the front head restraints: Position the head restraint so that its centre is approximately at ear height, as otherwise there would be an increased risk of injury to the cervical vertebral column in the event of a crash. Seat belts Press the red button in the buckle Use the seat belt height adjuster to vary 2.

Hold the belt the belt position to match your height: See also the instructions for adjusting the seats on page The adjusting movement is inter- The setting for the lumbar support rupted immediately if a seat position is not stored in memory. With the driver's door closed and the ignition key either removed or in posi- tion 0 or 2: Ignition key in position 1 or 2 2.

Press memory button 1, 2 or 3: You can have your car pro- grammed to ensure that your pre- Calling up ferred seat and outside-mirror positions Do not call up a memorised set- are selected whenever you unlock the ting while driving, as an unex- car with your own personal remote con- pected seat movement could represent trol key. Otherwise dam- age or injury could be caused by the seat if it moves backwards. Overview Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Tilting mirror on passenger side The seat cushion and seat back can be downward heated when the ignition key is in posi- tion 2.

Set the mirror changeover switch 1 by pressing the button as often as nec- to the "driver's mirror" position essary. The mirror on the passenger side tilts slightly downward when you select You can switch the heating off directly reverse gear or selector lever posi- even if a high output level is selected: This gives you a view of the Hold down the button slightly longer. You can deactivate this automatic func-.

Data tion if you wish: You can also adjust the mirrors manu- ally: Press at the edges of the glass. For instructions on saving the mirror positions in memory, see Seat and mir- ror memory, page Curved mirror. The outer, aspherically curved section of the mirror displays a larger field of Adjusting Adjusting outside mirrors view, though slightly distorted, than the inner, convex section.

In this way, the Never adjust steering wheel posi- 1 Switch for adjustment in all four view to the rear is extended and the so- tion while driving, otherwise an directions called blind spot is reduced in size. Swing the clamp lever down Press the button once to fold the mir- ror on the driver's side, and therefore 2. Pull, push or tilt the steering wheel rors in and again to fold them out.

This reflected objects are closer than they until it matches your chosen seat is a useful feature in car washes or very appear.

It may be difficult to estimate position narrow streets, for example, and ena- the precise distance at which another 3. Fold the lever back in to clamp the bles the mirrors to be returned to the vehicle is following your car. This also steering column in the new position. Both mirrors are heated automatically 6 mph. Mirrors To reduce glare from the rear when This mirror dims automatically and driving after dark, turn the knob under- through an infinitely variable range and neath the mirror.

To ensure that the mirror functions cor- rectly, always keep the photo-cells clean and unobstructed. One photo-cell is in the mirror glass, see arrow, the other is slightly offset on the rear of the mirror. Do not cover the area between. Data interior mirror and windscreen, and do not affix adhesive labels or stickers of any kind to the windscreen directly in front of the mirror. If the car's occupants are face material to the airbag covers unduly sensitive to the ignition and or modify them in any other way.

Do not inflation noise generated by the airbag remove the airbag occupant restraint systems, their hearing may be tempo- system. If the airbag occupant restraint rarily affected. This includes the upholstered onwards. Do not ignition key is turned to position 1 or remove the steering wheel.

In order to further. The front airbags provide protection in comply with valid safety regulations, System defective: Any careless or alone would no longer be adequate. The triggering off with the risk of injury.

Do Have the system checked immediately airbag will protect the seat occupant's not touch the individual components by BMW Service if it develops a fault, body in the side chest thorax area. Child safety Children up to 12 years of age or less Do not permit children to occupy than cm approx.

Overview should be carried in the rear seats only, own, sitting on another person's lap, or and only with suitable approved in a child restraint system, as there is a restraint systems; comply with local danger of injury if the airbag is trig- regulations. If the car is fitted with side airbags for Child restraint systems rear-seat passengers, make sure that. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls children do not lean out of their seats BMW Service can supply suitable child toward the side trim panels, as other- restraint systems for every age group or wise serious injury could result if the weight class.

In your BMW, all the seats except the Always comply with the instructions ISOFIX child seat anchorage driver's seat are basically suitable for issued by the manufacturer of the child the installation of universal child restraint system for installation and use, Pull the protective cap of the outside restraint systems for all age groups as otherwise the protective effect can anchorage point forward to remove.

When reinstalling the cap, make sure Note that if the centre rear seat is fitted After an accident, have all parts of the the recess is at the top. Data right seat. Always comply with the manufac- turer's safety instructions and. Coloured adhesive labels are supplied with the keys so that you can identify the master keys with remote-control functionality. What can be selected. Slide the safety lever down on the rear You may often have wished that you Examples for Car Memory: Overview At the appropriate points in this Owner's Handbook you will find this symbol, as an indication that spe- cial settings as described above are available.

The radio switches off with the ignition, but you Never run the engine in an can switch it on again. The exhaust gas contains carbon monoxide, which is Automatic transmission cars: Inhaling exhaust gas constitutes a away from position P, ignition key posi- severe health risk and can lead to loss tion 2, until the engine is running.

It could ignite and cause a fire, Steering locked ready to operate. After removing the key, turn the steer- Cars with spark-ignition engine ing wheel slightly if necessary until the Do not depress the accelerator pedal steering lock engages. Allow the starter motor to run for a reasonable time, but not for more than about 20 seconds.

As soon as the engine fires, release the ignition key. Starting the engine If the engine does not start first time, for When the engine is warm: Before leaving the car with the instance if it is very cold or very hot: Depress the brake pedal 10 seconds If you nevertheless encounter difficul- 2. Run the starter motor for approx. Start the engine. Too frequent or lengthy operation 20 seconds.

If the engine does not start, rese- of the starter at short intervals can lect the gear engaged beforehand result in damage to the catalytic con- Manual transmission as shown by the indicator in the dis- verter. Apply the handbrake play and then move the selector lever 2. Move the gear lever to neutral back to the neutral position N. Cars with diesel engine 3. At low temperatures, depress the If the driver's door is opened while the When the engine is cold: Depress the brake pedal selector lever moved, the gear is auto-.

Data At extremely low temperatures, the 2. Move the selector lever to the P or N matically disengaged after approxi- starter motor may have to be run for 0 position mately 2 seconds.

If this happens you to 40 seconds. A gear is engaged to the direction in which you want to order to prevent the steering lock from automatically if you move the selector move off. When leaving the car, always remove Before leaving the car with the the ignition key and lock the steering. Do not leave the car unattended with Manual transmission. Move the selector lever to the P posi- tion and turn the ignition key back to 1 or 0. If the selector lever is in the neutral position N when you turn the ignition key to position 1 or 0, an acoustic sig- nal sounds and the gear indicator in the display flashes to remind you that a gear has not been engaged to prevent the car from moving.

Handbrake Manual transmission In exceptional cases, if the hand- brake has to be used to slow or. Overview stop the car, do not pull the lever up too hard. Keep the knob on the lever held in all the time. Too violent an application of the hand- brake could over-brake the rear wheels and cause the rear of the car to skid. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls The brake lights do not come on when the handbrake is applied.

Vehicles with manual or SMG transmission: When parking on a slope, apply the The handbrake is primarily intended for Never try to prevent the car from handbrake, because merely engaging preventing a stationary vehicle from rolling back on an uphill gradient first or reverse gear might not reliably rolling away, and acts on the rear by slipping the clutch; always apply the prevent the car from rolling away.

Otherwise, slipping the Automatic transmission cars: Reverse The lever engages automatically and To avoid corrosion and prevent the the telltale in the instrument cluster brakes pulling to one side, apply the Engage this gear only when the car is lights up in ignition setting 2, see handbrake lightly from time to time standing still. When the gear lever is page Releasing it is safe to do so.

The reversing lights then come on auto- Raise slightly, press the knob, see matically in ignition key position 2. Data arrow, and move the lever down. The sequential manual gearbox SMG is Engage this gear only when the car is an automated manual transmission in standing still. N Neutral. You operate the SMG by means of a Always move the selector lever to this selector lever in the centre console and position before starting the engine.

It offers you the following functions: Sequential mode cally in cruise mode. Downshifts in sequential mode cruise mode: Cruise mode. Sharply press the accelerator all the The SMG is operational from ignition way down for rapid acceleration kick- key position 2 on.

Press the accelerator pedal down In the following situations, the SMG in beyond the regular full-throttle position; the sequential mode anticipates your. Overview increased resistance will be felt. Data To accelerate from higher gears, e. The acceleration assistant permits opti- mum racing-style acceleration on sur- faces with good grip. Using the acceleration assistant causes premature component wear, because this function places a very high strain on the car.

Select the sport program 2. Press the DSC button, see page 79, Display in the instrument cluster Sport program and keep it pressed for longer than The gear currently engaged and the In sequential mode you have a choice three seconds drive program you select are shown in of two programs to cover the range 3. The engine is electronically bal- anced to achieve maximum pullaway Consult BMW Service if a fault is dis- To select the sport program: SPORT button.

The LED in the button lights up. In order to maintain maximum Cruise mode is automatically deacti- driving stability, you should drive vated. You can either drive the car as with a Before leaving the car with the conventional automatic transmission, or engine running, move the selector. Overview shift between gears manually.

If you wish to return to fully auto- Engage this gear only when the car is matic gear shifts, move the lever back standing still. The driven wheels are to the right, to position D. Selector lever positions locked. Moving the selector lever Engage this gear only when the car is A catch prevents selector lever posi- standing still.

Keep the foot brake applied until you are ready to move off; this will prevent. Keywords the car from creeping forwards when a gear is selected. The instrument beyond the regular full-throttle position; panel then shows the selected gear increased resistance will be felt. This posi- it has first been moved back to D. When the lever is next moved, the auto- matic transmission will switch from the Sport program to the manual-shift mode. The gear display shows M1 to M5.

For towing away, tow-starting and jump-starting, see page onwards. Overview Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Possible displays. If the telltale light comes on, this indicates a transmission system malfunction.

All lever positions can still be selected, but in the forward positions only certain gears are actually available when the car is driven. Avoid excessive loads, and take the car.

BMW 3 E46 Manual 1999-2004_Eng

Data to the nearest BMW Service. Do not work in the engine com- partment with the selector lever in. Keywords a drive position, otherwise the car could begin to move unexpectedly. To indicate a turn briefly 5 Knurled wheel for adjusting intermit- tent wipe interval or rain sensor sen- Move the lever lightly, only as far as the sitivity first detent.

It will cancel when released. Intermittent wipe. If the repeater light flashes and the not if the car has a rain sensor relay ticks more rapidly than usual, Turn knurled wheel 5 to select one of one of the car's flashing turn indicators the four intermittent-wipe settings.

The rain sensor is mounted on the The wipers change over to the intermit-. Overview windscreen, directly in front of the tent wipe mode when the car comes to inside mirror. In any event, the wip-. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls ers will now sweep across the wind- The wipers switch to normal speed screen once. You can leave the lever in setting 1 con- tinuously, then all you need to do is to activate the rain sensor from ignition 0 Parked position of wipers key position 1.

To adjust the sensitivity of the rain sen- Only operate the washers and sor: A suitable additive should there- Deactivate the rain sensor in an fore be used, see page Data car's wipers may operate and be dam- empty, as this will damage the washer aged. Fluid from the washer tank is sprayed. Keywords on to the windscreen and the wipers are operated for a short time. Windscreen washer jets You can use cruise control when the Maintaining speed, memorising.

The windscreen washer jets are heated engine is running and the system is speed, accelerating. The car's actual speed is maintained and memorised. Each time the button is From ignition key position 2: You can then use cruise con- The car accelerates without the accel- trol.

As soon as you release the button, the speed the Do not use cruise control on twist- car has reached will be maintained and ing roads, in heavy traffic which memorised.

It may also prove impossible to maintain Deactivating the system with the available engine power on uphill gradients. Press the button repeatedly until the telltale light in the instrument cluster goes out. Turning the ignition key to the 0 position also deactivates cruise control.

Every time you press the button, road Calling up speed stored in speed drops by approx. Press the button: The car slows down by automatically The speed last memorised is recalled cutting the throttle if you are already and maintained once it has been running on cruise control. As soon as reached again. When activated, press the button: You can restore cruise control at any time by calling up the last speed stored in memory. In addition, you interrupt the cruise. Data control function automatically: Odometer distance recorder.

As the car comes to a standstill, the You can activate the displays shown on pointer returns to zero. To reset to zero, press the knob, see arrow, in ignition key position 1 or beyond.

Fuel gauge Coolant thermometer Drive at moder- 1. Fuel-tank capacity approx. Certain vehicle positions, e.


If light comes on during journey:. Add fuel in good time, or there is a The engine is too hot. Switch it off risk of running the tank dry and immediately and allow it to cool down. Data catalytic converter. The warning light comes on briefly as Normal operating temperature.

The an operating check when the ignition is. Keywords needle may move up as far as the switched on. Please make an appointment with BMW Service for the work to be performed. Remaining distance before Brake fluid renewal. When brake fluid renewal falls due, the clock symbol also lights up.

Please The remaining distance is calculated on make an appointment with BMW the basis of the way the car has so far Service for the work to be performed. Service interval indicator Check Control Periods during which the battery was disconnected are ignored by. Overview the display. Make sure that brake fluid is renewed every two years, regardless of whether this is confirmed by the dis- play, see also page Minor repairs Maintenance Controls The following information or operating conditions are shown as symbols from ignition key position 2 onwards until the malfunction has been eliminated: Data sounds.

The procedure for setting the time as shown by the clock and in the car radio display is as follows. Adjusting Calling up functions. From ignition key position 1 onward Using the button in the turn indicator and with the time visible in the display lever, from ignition key position 1, you in the instrument cluster.

Every time you press the button Back: The sequence of displays is: Altering display mode: Ignition key in position 0: Note that the ice warning does not rule out the possibility of ice form-. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Outside temperature Average fuel consumption.

Ice warning. If the outside temperature drops to Average speed. Data approx. An acoustic warn- average speed will be recalculated from ing sounds and the display flashes for a.

Keywords this time onwards. Periods spent at a standstill with the engine switched off are disregarded. An audible warn- indicated by an intermittent audible sig- or thin and tapering objects. The closer the car approaches the Note that loud sources of noise, for obstructions behind the car. To do this, obstruction, the more rapid the instance if the volume of the radio is too four ultrasonic sensors in the back sequence of signals.

When the distance high, could prevent you from hearing bumper measure the distance to the is less than 30 cm approx. The range of the sen- signal becomes continuous. Keep the sensors clean and free approx. The two centre sensors have a obstacle remains constant during this ate reliably. If a continuous signal at a pitch higher jet. Keep such jets at least 10 cm 1 second when reverse gear is selected than usual is heard when the system is approx.

Have lever moved to R. It is switched off the cause traced and rectified by BMW when the lever is moved out of reverse Service. If you are towing a trailer, of course, the system The PDC cannot act as a substi- cannot make the appropriate measure- tute for your personal assessment ments and therefore deactivates itself of obstructions. The sensors have cer- as soon as the towbar is fitted into the tain dead areas in which objects cannot towing hitch.

Overview nently yellow: In the following exceptional situations it may be best to activate ADB for a short If the telltale light flashes: There is no In order to maintain maximum indicator to show when ADB is in driving stability, you should drive action. Keywords whenever possible. Keep the ASC button pressed for at least 3 seconds; the telltale light and the yellow brake warning light remain permanently on. Under these circumstances no stability- or traction-improving manipulation of engine or brakes takes place.

Briefly press the button a second time; the telltale light or lights go out. The driver is always responsible for matching his or her style of driving to the prevailing conditions. The extra safety potential offered by this system must never be understood as an invitation to take additional risks. If a fault. Service as soon as possible. You will find further details on DSC in the "Technical items of interest" bro- chure.

Briefly press the DSC button: If the telltale light flashes: There is no indicator to show when DTC Traction is boosted by reducing the sta- is in action. The extra safety potential offered by this system must never be Press and hold down the DSC button understood as an invitation to take for at least 3 seconds; the telltale light additional risks. All work on the DSC should be entrusted only to skilled, authorised In order to maintain maximum personnel.

Not even DSC can overcome the laws of physics. Overview button, DSC and ADB-X are defective designed to maintain driving stability in and the stabilising functions are no critical situations.

Switching off DSC. Press the DSC button: The telltale light in the instru- DSC is deactivated, ADB-X is parame- ment cluster goes out shortly terised for maximum forward momen- after the ignition is switched on, tum. You may find it advisable to deactivate If the telltale light flashes: In order to maintain maximum There is no indicator to show when driving stability, you should drive ADB-X is in action.

Keywords with the DSC system activated when- ever possible. When DSC is deactivated it does not contribute to stabilising the car. Make no modifications to the DSC sys- tem.

All work on the DSC should be entrusted only to skilled, authorised personnel. The principle Using HDC. HDC is a system that reduces speed on Cars with manual shift: Overview steep downhill gradients, making your Use HDC in first gear and in reverse, BMW even easier to control under because the engine's braking effect these conditions.

Without any intervention on your part, Cars with automatic transmission: Minor repairs Maintenance Controls any drive position.

In the event of a fault. On a descent, the car automatically The telltale light in the button goes out reduces speed from under approx. HDC temporarily unavailable on account of high brake temperatures. You can press the brake pedal or open The telltale light flashes when the car is the throttle to vary the car's speed in a automatically braked. HDC is deactivated automatically when HDC is automatically deactivated when the car's speed increases to approx.

RDC monitors tyre pressures at all four If tyre pressure sinks significantly after a wheels, both at a standstill and when period this is perfectly normal in all the car is being driven. The system tyres , the yellow telltale light comes on.

BMW 3 Series

Then activate the system. Please check Initialising the system ment cluster tells you if the tyre the tyre pressures again and correct pressure departs from the cor- 1.

Turn the ignition key to position 2, them to the values specified in the tyre rect value. After this, reactivate the 2. Keep the button pressed until the system. After the car has been driven for sev- If a puncture or similar tyre failure eral minutes, the RDC system occurs, and pressure drops suddenly, accepts the current tyre pressures as the red warning light comes on.

In addi- the nominal values which it is to tion a warning signal is heard. Immediately reduce speed and stop at Do not repeat this process until you the first safe opportunity. Avoid pro- have corrected the tyre pressure. Oth- nounced braking and steering manoeu- erwise RDC remains automatically in vres while doing so.

Change the defec- ignition key position 2 and therefore tive wheel with its tyre, see page Overview tyre failure and therefore has no RDC ried on the car.

Minor repairs Maintenance Controls itored when the system is active. The RDC system is unable to reg- ister sudden tyre damage caused by external influences.

Have your tyres changed by BMW Service. RDC can be subjected to interference by outside equipment or devices which use the same radio frequency. While the fault persists, the yellow. Data warning light is on. The sen- door, an audible warning is heard for a sors are unable to see fog, for example.

You can have the sensitivity of the When the ignition is turned off, the car's automatic headlight control sys- lights go out. The lights are on all round the You can have the daytime dipped car. You can use these lights as headlight setting selected on your position lights when the car is car. See page 88 for parking with the sidelights on one side of the car on.

When the switch is in this posi- Low-beam headlights tion the low-beam headlights are If the low-beam headlights are switched on and off automati- switched on and the ignition is cally in accordance with changes in switched off, only the parking ambient light, for example in tunnels, at lights remain lit. Delayed switch-off: Operate the headlight flasher after The car's exterior lights remain on parking the car and turning the lights if you switch on the fog lights off: You can have this switched on by the automatic headlight function deactivated if you prefer.

Instrument lighting Headlight beam angle adjustment Cars with xenon headlights are. Overview equipped with automatic beam angle adjustment. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls To vary the lighting intensity, turn the Halogen headlights.

When the car is carrying a load, reduce the headlight beam angle, otherwise oncoming traffic will be daz- zled. Rear fog light Right-hand or left-hand parking. Interior lighting Overview Minor repairs Maintenance Controls The interior lights are controlled auto- Reading lights, rear.

Turn each light on and off at the adja- cent switch. Switching interior light on and off. Briefly press the button to cancel this mode. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls 7 Heated rear window 92 8 Air-conditioning mode 92 9 Recirculated air mode You can select blower speeds When the heated rear window is If there are strong smells out- 1 to 4. The greater the incom- switched on, the telltale light side the car, you can temporar- ing flow of air, the more effec- comes on.

The heated rear window is ily switch off the supply of outside air. The air inside the car is then recircu- be. In position 0, the blower and the lated. The supply of If the outdoor temperature is air is shut off in position 0.

The temperature of the air entering the car is Air is cooled and dried and maintained at a constant level. Air distribution Depending on weather conditions, the You can direct the flow of air windscreen may fog over momentarily toward the windows , when the engine is started.

Switching toward the upper-body area on the air conditioning helps prevent and into the footwell. Any intermediate setting is possible. In the position a small amount of air Moisture condensate forms when continues to reach the windows in the air conditioning is in operation; order to prevent them from fogging this condensation is discharged under- over. Traces of water on the ground are therefore normal.

Air conditioning The micro-filter in the ventilation system. Overview traps dust and pollen in the air entering the car. It is renewed when BMW Service carries out routine main- tenance work.

If the airflow is noticea- bly less than usual, this may indicate that the filter should be renewed earlier. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Draught-free ventilation Defrosting and demisting. The air outlets for the upper body area windows. Turn the rotary blower switch to set- erences: Turn the temperature selector fully to ing the outlets through an infinitely the right, red variable range 3.

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Rotary switch for airflow direction in setting 2 Levers for adjusting the direction of 4. To defrost the rear window, the air flow switch on rear window heating. Select the interior conditioning are switched off and the temperature which you find most Temperature air supply is closed.

The system is agreeable. During the journey, the cho- This program removes ice and ever you unlock the car with your per- sen temperature is reached as quickly condensation quickly from the sonal remote-control key. Automatic air distribution and You can change the unit of measure Air-conditioning mode. This will shut down the when the engine is started. Switching automatic air supply; the word AUTO on the air conditioning helps prevent Individual air distribution disappears from the display.

The auto- the windows misting over. You can switch automatic air Moisture condensate forms when and override the AUTO program supply on again by pressing the AUTO the air conditioning is in operation; if you prefer; this has no effect button.

Air neath the car. Traces of water on the flows to the windows , to the upper- ground are therefore normal. AUC When the heated rear window is. Overview If there are strong smells or pol- switched on, the telltale light lutants outside the car, you can comes on. The heated rear window is temporarily switch off the supply of out- switched off automatically.

The air inside the car is then recirculated. If the outdoor temperature is below approximately 46 ,. Minor repairs Maintenance Controls Obtain the desired operating mode by the rear window heater switches on pressing the button as often as neces- automatically within 5 minutes of the sary. The air inside the car is erences: The 3 Use knurled wheel 3 to blend the air inside the car is recirculated.

Data lating mode, switch it off and, if necessary, increase the airflow. The micro-filter in the ventilation system traps dust and pollen in the air entering the car. The activated charcoal filter in addition removes gaseous pollutants from the air entering the car.Press the accelerator pedal down In the following situations, the SMG in beyond the regular full-throttle position; the sequential mode anticipates your.

When disposing of old brake fluid, comply with the relevant environ- Topping up brake fluid mental protection laws. This avoids false alarms, for switched off inadvertently if the conven- example due to the movements which ient closure movement of the windows occur if your car is in an elevator garage and sunroof is interrupted within the or on a train: If than that of summer tyres with H, V, W,.

Start the engine. BMW mobile To empty. Without any intervention on your part, Cars with automatic transmission: Every time you press the button, road Calling up speed stored in speed drops by approx.

Data mended by the manufacturer.

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