Useful documents to accompany your course and help with your learning. - A-Z Glossary - Unit-by-unit glossary - Writing emails - Student's book grammar. Business Result is a six-level business English course that gives students the , Business Result Elementary Student's Book with. Business Result Elementary Student's Book with DVD-ROM and Online Business Result is a six-level business English course that gives students K12 schools, college bookstores, and other educational institutions with an Oxford account.

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Oxford University Press Business Result Elementary. Student's Book Answer Key. 1 │ Jobs. Working with words. 1. Dahlia is from India. Business result elementary student's book - oxford. 1. 3 Underline the correct verb in italics. 1 I'm a customer services assistant. I deal with / 'm. Business Result Elementary Student's Book - Oxford University Press. 31 Pages · Cambridge University Press - English Vocabulary in Use (Elementary).

The Skills for Business Studies companion can optionally be added to the Business Result package, and provides academic skills practice for Business Studies students.

It is also available as a standalone title. Seller Inventory ESS Never used!. Seller Inventory P Speck Chris Business Result: Business Result: Speck Chris. Oxford University Press , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

View all copies of this ISBN edition: Synopsis About this title With its communicative syllabus, authentic business material, and expert tips from a leading management school, plus interactive multi-media, Business Result helps students learn the communication skills they need for work quickly and effectively. About the Author: download New View Book.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. The content becomes more and more intellectually stimulating. Articles about contemporary trends in the business world are gradually interspersed with summaries of major business theories, and starting with the Intermediate course book a panel of experts from the Cranfield School of Management offers its Expert View on the case studies.

As a result, the books approach content-based instruction, and the Upper-Intermediate and Advanced tasks begin to resemble a mini MBA course. Of course, every textbook has its imperfections.

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It is nearly impossible to perfectly contextualize each and every task across five books, and, understandably, some of the introductory texts or concluding case studies do not make much use of the grammar reviewed in the unit. Also, while reading, listening and speaking each receive more than adequate attention; there are few opportunities for writing. Students do occasionally encounter an outline or memo, and the accompanying CD-ROM does contain numerous email templates which students can download and use in their real lives, but there are no structured writing tasks, much less anything approaching an analysis of the many genre used for business.

The CD-ROM and online resources are very practical in that they offer extra explanations and practice of the language covered in the book, but as the range and format of tasks could have just as easily been printed on paper, they hardly realize the full potential of computer assisted language learning and lag far behind current trends in blended and autonomous learning schemes.

But, perhaps the greatest fault of the series is the lacking intercultural element that is so crucial to both global business and 21st Century language teaching.

Aside from a couple descriptions of cultural differences and a single text that stresses the importance of intercultural skills in the Advanced book, there is little substantial cultural content and no attempt to develop intercultural competence. No notes for slide. Business result elementary student's book - oxford 1.

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He doesn't want to make any mistakes! Make sentences about these jobs using the verbs in 2. An air traffic controller controls the movement of aeroplanes.

Make sentences about these departments using words in the table. Logistics plans deliveries from suppliers.

Listen and write the sounds. Try to guess the department your partner describes.

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A This department works with customers. A Correct. The revision game Work with a partner.

Take turns to choose a square. On a yellow square, have a role-play with your partner, on a blue square follow the instruction, on a pink square answer the question s.

If you are correct, or if you complete the role-play, you win the square. If you are not correct, the squares stays open. What is your nationality?

What is your job? A Call a hotel and ask about its services then book a room. Describe your favourite restaurant using superlatives.

Business Result Elementary Student's Book - Oxford University Press

A Arrive at a hotel and check in. Ask about breakfast and dinner. Find the mistake: When you take a Explain how to use Are you from Peru? Yes, I from.

Your CEO wants to move your offices to a city km away. What have you done today?Use these words: About the Author: English Result Intermediate Student Teacher's Book John Hughes.

The first section, Working with Words, begins with a text related to the unit theme.

It enables you to offer blended or distance learning courses, and allows you to communicate with your students outside class. The Business Result books are organized so that language is learned both through and for the sake of communication. Furthermore, the series follows an intuitive organization based on the fundamental input-interaction-output model of second language acquisition.

The most appealing aspect of Business Result, however, is not that the texts, dialogues and tasks are so masterfully contextualized, but that they cover the most important trends and issues of global business: the impact of the internet and social networking sites, the pending energy crisis and economic sustainability, changing markets and workforces, recent technological innovations and cross-cultural encounters.

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