The following terms are used frequently in Deities and Demigods. Animism. . The deities of the D&D pantheon are independent of mortals for their power. Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Dungeon Master, Forgotten Realms, Wizards of theCoastand the Wizards of the Coast logo are registered trademarks owned by. D&D - Deities and etgabentisttus.cf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Thus, addition of these deities and demigods does not imbalance useful in an ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign as well. DEITIES & DEMIGODS deserves to be a part of AD&D. It was designed to . ADVANCED D&D volumes. But what exactly is it? useful in an ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS campaign as well. Whenever players. Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Deities Warrior, Complete Divine, Deities & Demigods, Draconomicon, Monster Manual 4.

Most of against the divine entities that oversee the universe, this book these deities were introduced in the Players Handbook see the holds all the answers you could want. Whether its a cleric of Fharlanghn who chants Hail In a fantasy setting, as in the real world, religion can take Fharlanghn, mighty Fharlanghn!

The standard assumption, as described in the cure spell or the evil cult that lurks in the Temple of Ele- Players Handbook, is that multiple deities loosely grouped mental Evil, the mortal servants of these deities are everywhere in together form a pantheon, a collection of gods not united the game, and the powers they serve hold an equally important, if by a single doctrine or philosophy.

Deities and Demigods somewhat more distant, place. Other groups of This chapter examines the role of these forces in your cam- deities, such as the Pharaonic deities, also form a pan- paign in two distinct sections.

First, it discusses various models of theon, but their worship is more closely interrelated. All religion: pantheons, monotheism, dualism, animism, mystery the deities show at least some respect for a particular cults, and nondeist beliefs forces and philosophies. You need to philosophical principle or overdeity.

In the case of the decide which of these models your campaign will use before you Pharaonic pantheon, for example, the deities are keenly can populate your world with deities. Second, this chapter walks interested in Maat, the principle of divine order in the you through various decisions about the nature of the gods in universe.

These pantheons are called tight pantheons. Are they actively involved in the world, or are Not all religions in a fantasy world need to revolve they remote and uncaring? Do they depend on worshipers or around a pantheon of deities. In your campaign, you some other external source for their power, or are they worshiped can create monotheistic religions worship of a single because of their power? Can they be killed? Almost by implications for your campaign.

The basics of religion in a loose pantheon are In other words, deities are parts of religions, the centers of cults described in the Players Handbook. While the To use this web enhancement, you must already have book includes plenty of information on advancing the new edition of Deities and Demigods.

In addi- trodden and god of vengeance. Erbin was once a beggar tion, this web enhancement provides 21 campaign and petty street thief who, through some circumstance, hooks offering suggestions for how this character became a deity. You should tailor the specific circum- might enter the PCs lives as part of, or as a result of, stance to your campaigns cosmology, but we offer some divine ascension. The wide range of these adventure suggestions below. Erbin appears at the beginning rank for each divine category quasi, demi, lesser, intermedi- Credits ate, and greater.

Cast a critical eye at his abilities, because his power level edges up sharply in each cate- Design: Rich Redman Editing and Typesetting: Sue Weinlein Cook gory.

Even as a quasi-deity, he can give unprepared mor- Editorial Assistance Penny Williams tals a difficult time. All Wizards characters, character names, and the dis- Symbol: An extended hand, palm cupped, like a tinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Any reproduction or unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is Home Plane: Material prohibited without the express written permission of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Portfolio: Vengeance starting at rank 1 This product is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental.

No Worshippers: Assassins, fighters, rogues, beggars portion of this work may be reproduced in any form without written permission. Domains: Destruction, Evil, and Trickery All rights reserved. Favored Weapon: Dagger Made in the U. As a deity, Erbin appears much as he did in life. His feet are bare and light wounds, invisibility, magic circle against good, mislead, filthy, his face spattered with open sores. One hand nondetection, polymorph any object, protection from good, clutches his cloak around him, and the other constantly screen, shatter, summon monster IX evil spell only , time reaches out, begging for coins.

A fringe of lank gray stop, unholy aura, unholy blight.

Class and Outsider Abilities Dogma, Clergy, and Temples: Erbin has no dedi- Sneak Attack: If Erbins target would be denied a cated churchhe does not care for followers, wor- Dexterity bonus to AC whether the target actually has shippers, or clergy. He instead focuses his attention on a bonus or not , or when Erbin flanks his target, the those who mistreated him as a mortal, and on those rogues attack deals varying points of extra damage.

If who continue to mistreat the unfortunate now that hes the attack scores a critical hit, this extra damage is not a deity. Many a beggar has threatened passersby with multiplied. Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks Erbins wrath if they did not give, and give generously. With a sap or an unarmed strike, Erbin can make a sneak attack that deals subdual damage instead of normal damage.

He Erbin Quasi-Deity cannot use a weapon that deals normal damage to deal Rogue 1 subdual damage with a sneak attack. Erbin can sneak Medium-Size Outsider attack only living creatures with discernable anatomies. He can divine aura 10 ft. On occa- allows a character to attempt a Reflex saving throw for sion, it may mean that Erbin acts to preserve those half damage, Erbin sustains no damage with a success- deserving his vengeance, since keeping them alive ful saving throw.

Improved Evasion: This ability works like evasion, Erbin is not a straightforward fighter, and he knows it. For example, he might use his Disguise breath weapon, he now sustains only half damage on a skill to make himself look like a specific mortal and failed save.

However, if Erbin decides that attack of opportunity against an opponent whom combat is the best way to teach a lesson, he prepares a another character has just struck for damage in melee.

While the beg- that round. Even with the Combat Reflexes feat, Erbin gars and the undead assault directly, Erbin moves cant use the opportunist ability more than once per around the flanks and rear, making sneak attacks and round. Outsider Traits: Darkvision 60 ft. Finding a non- Writing the divine ascension rules for Deities and magical trap has a DC of at least 20, higher if it is well Demigods brought us numerous ideas for adventures, hidden.

Wed like to share some of those of the spell used to create it. Erbin can use the Disable ideas with you, and show how Erbin could play a role Device skill to disarm magic traps. Disabling a magic in them. If he beats a traps DC by 10 or more assume the PCs have already reached divine status. As a quasi-deity, Erbin provides a challenge for a party Uncanny Dodge Ex : Erbin can react to danger of mid-level adventurers.

Once he becomes a demigod, before his senses normally would allow him to do so. You know 8 your characters better than anyone except their players, they find the ruins of a small village and temple, with so be careful to match Erbins divine rank to your party. One wall of the valley is a sheer cliff, clearly defaced only The Ideas recently. When the characters search the valley, they What Goes Around find a surviving priest tending a few injured people in a A beggar with superhuman powers attacks the player cave.

The priest explains that all faithful who achieve characters one day in the marketplace. After humiliat- great rank receive a summons to the valley. The cliff ing them, the beggar explains that his name is Erbin held a list of tasks, one from each god in the pantheon. On accom- him enough money for a room. After that, he jour- plishing the final task, candidates return to the valley neyed to the land of the gods, where he ascended to where the gods judge their success.

Recently a beggar become the new god of beggars. He intends to humili- came to the valley and insisted on trying to accomplish ate them occasionally for the rest of their lives.

Player the list. Through trickery and deceit he did so, and the characters have to find some way to end the threat, gods made this beggar, Erbin, one of their own. A few either through good deeds to living beggars, killing days later he attacked the valley with undead and beg- this vengeful god, or by becoming gods themselves. Since the attack, the priest has had a Divine Mission vision from Zeus.

If the characters find Erbin and bring The player characters in a campaign with a pantheon him to the gods for judgment, the characters will similar to Greyhawks do little more than pay lip service become gods themselves, and Zeus will restore the list.

As far as they know, youre either born a god or youre a mortal. After achieving high The Divine Spark levels, they die on an adventure. When their eyes next The player characters grew up with legends of Erbin, a open, they find themselves in a great hall.

Ranks of trickster god who stole the divine spark from deities seats climb the walls, filled with spirits of great heroes that became too arrogant or too careless of their mortal and champions whose legends and stories are well charges. These thefts often had unfortunate conse- known to the PCs. The gods sit on thrones, glowering at quences, as Erbin gained and lost domains about which the recently deceased characters. A servant of Heiro- he knew nothing.

During their careers the PCs even neous or the clerics deity, if different explains that, experience bizarre events caused by the tricksters igno- while the characters are great heroes, their faith is shal- rance. After achieving high levels, the player characters low and weak.

Their divine status divine rank 0 is pro- ascend to the divine, only to have Erbin steal from bationary, provided they return to the Material Plane them! Their patron deity, Odin, or the clerics deity and find the rogue god Erbin.

They must return him to gives them a year and a day to recover the stolen divine Sigil in the Concordant Domain of the Outlands or the spark or become mortal again. If they succeed, their divine status becomes track down Erbin and return a spark stolen from permanent. If they fail, their souls go to join the ranks Asgard. Just Plane Temptation The Path to Godhood With no outside aid, player characters infiltrate an After achieving high levels, player characters who enemy country controlled by priests of an evil deity demonstrated belief in and devotion to their gods whom Erbin serves.

Over an extended period, and at receive a summons from the high priest of Zeus chief great risk, they reach a point where they can foil the deity of the pantheon or the clerics deity. The priest priests plans, bring down the main temple, and wipe reveals the existence of a mystery cult within the out the leaders of the priesthood. At that moment, temple.

The cult worships in an isolated valley in a Erbin appears to them and offers to impart divine nearby mountain range and recently stopped commu- statusprovided they depart the Material Plane for a nicating with the temple. When the characters arrive, year and a day.

Though he makes no overt threats, its 9 obvious he can kill them all, and probably will if they ers are another story. This idea assumes that the bar- refuse. If they accept, their patron deities are disap- rier surrounding the home of the gods does not elimi- pointed they didnt complete their work on the Mater- nate all planar travel. The campaigns infernal forces ial Plane, and the evil deity has a year and a day to guard the gate because they prefer the gods remain advance his or her cause before the PCs can do any- inactive in the mortal world.

In the course of the thing about it. Unless they can act on the Outer Planes adventure, the characters discover why the barrier somehow to affect actions on the Material Plane Erbin acts as part of a group of evil divine status, and those mortals are the player charac- deities who reside on the Material Plane and want to ters.

They discover that, as gods, they depend on their keep the other divinities inactive.


They also discover that for a hundred centuries the gods The Great Wheel havent competed for worshippers, because theyd used Player characters, in the course of their higher-level up all the divine ranks in the universe. Even the gods adventures, often visit the floating mountain peak that arent sure how these mortals managed to ascend.

A is home to the gods. They occasionally observe a gate race begins to discover how many ranks there really through which no mortal is permitted to pass.

After are, and to see who can grab the most.

D&D Deities and Demigods - New Gods on the Block.pdf

Ra tasks the dei- one adventure, they return to the Material Plane home fied PCs with the task of slowing Erbin down, allowing of the gods and discover it empty. The forbidden gate is him to gain as few ranks as possible. As a reward, Ra open and unguarded.

Searching for their gods, they will distribute a rank from each of the pantheons gods enter the gate and find themselves standing in a court- among the player characters. In the center of the courtyard stands what appears to be some kind of Behind the Curtain sundial, but on closer inspection it is a map of some- Erbin completes the last step to ascend to the realm of thing called the Great Wheel.

Faced with the Outer the benevolent campaign pantheon. His patron deity, a Planes for the first time, the characters search for their god of luck, appears and explains that in order for him gods, discovering strange new powers in themselves as to ascend, some other deity would have to surrender they go because crossing the gate caused them to some divine ranks. Thousands, perhaps millions, of ascend to divine rank 0.

Erbin becomes the chief oppo- worshippers would suffer when that deity loses power. This first glimpse behind the curtain at the mechanics of being a god rings false to Erbin, but if its Bridge Across Forever not true, why would his benevolent patron lie?

Erbin Although most members of the campaigns pantheon decides to find out whats really going on. Player char- dwell on another plane, a few live in the campaign acters get involved based on what Erbin does. He may world. As the player characters approach 20th level, only investigate, in which case he may try to hire these deities appear more frequently in their lives. The pantheon, limited by the nature of the Material Plane on which they live, Godhome remain too busy with their divine duties to investigate Trying to reach the gods, the player characters dis- thoroughly.

Other books: SUNDAR KAND PDF

All of them have done some checking cover a gate through the barrier between their world over a thousand years, but the PCs are clearly and the divine realm that keeps divinities from becom- approaching divine status themselves. If they can ing active in the mortal world. The gates guardian is a reverse the destruction, build a new bridge, or dis- reasonable creature, and PCs can probably defeat it cover a new path to the gods home and determine EL3 or 4 but its many powerful and infernal keep- why the pantheon didnt find it centuries ago , the 10 gods will grant them ascension.

In truth, Erbin Mortal Vengeance destroyed the bridge, and he continually interferes The player characters receive a request from a more with anything the PCs try to do. Astral Reward As these mortals soon will be candidates for ascension, In the campaign, deities appear through portals and the deity fears that the pantheons foes have stolen gates. There is no record of where the gates go, but them.

Rich Redman, Skip Williams,

She offers artifacts from her stores as a reward if everyone assumes they lead to the divine homeland. Erbin is behind the Over the centuries, astral travelers occasionally report disappearances, of course. The other deity offended the seeing a great city in the infinite realm of Astral beggar god, and hes taking his revenge through her Space, but it moves away faster than they can mortal favorites. After careers that include great faith in and devotion to the campaign pantheon, Erbin comes Between a God and a Hard Place to the player characters and explains that the great Erbin is furious with the player characters.

When they city in Astral Space is the home of the gods. The gates became deities, Odin punished him by giving some of and portals function only for those with divine rank, his ranks to the newly ascended PCs. Erbin seeks to dis- but the characters have proven themselves worthy. If credit them by sending them on missions that, if they they wish to ascend, they must survive travel across succeed, will offend or anger Odinperhaps even the Astral Plane as they search for the city.

Should hasten Ragnarok. He flatters them and tells subtle lies, they find it, the city will recognize them as candidates playing on their emotions, and laughs as they tread on for ascension and will not flee.

Once they enter the divine toes. Erbin is lying, so clearly the PCs arrival in the city No Vacancy hurts the divine residents in some way: Perhaps it When the player characters ascend to join their pan- harms a specific deity against whom the beggar god theon, they discover all the positions filled. Erbin seeks revenge. They can become servants of another deity if they Infernal Gate like, and learn about that deitys duties.

He goes on to The player characters serve as the patron deities of a explain that, though they dont tell mortals, most series of small villages one per village in the foothills deities get their positions by killing whoever has what of a great mountain range.

Noticing the villagers call- they want. Mortals think the previous deity retired or ing on them much more often than normal, they died a heroic death fighting divine foes.

As the PCs go decide to investigate. The PCs discover that someone about their eternal lives, Erbin continues lying to them, has opened a gate to an infernal plane in the moun- saying Thor, guardian of the pantheon, despises them.

The beggar god tries to goad them into fighting Thor in That someone is Erbin, seeking vengeance against the hopes that theyll weaken the thunder god enough them for a perceived past wrong. Divine Tests As emissaries of their gods, the player characters jour- Conspiracy!

In his hall, they must face After the player characters ascend to the heavenly challenges and contests while simultaneously remain- realms, they discover the gods are secure in their divine ing diplomatic.The beggar god tries to goad them into fighting Thor in That someone is Erbin, seeking vengeance against the hopes that theyll weaken the thunder god enough them for a perceived past wrong.

DnDWiki:List of deities

One faction within the conspiracy Godslayers already tries to persuade the old deities to surrender As the player characters achieve middle levels, Erbin some of their power to worthy successors, while comes to them. If the attack scores a critical hit, this extra Erbin Intermediate Deity damage is not multiplied. LaForce , David C.

Outsider Traits: Darkvision 60 ft.

The cliff ing them, the beggar explains that his name is Erbin held a list of tasks, one from each god in the pantheon. Academy, as well as a section on Olympian monsters that includes game information for two types of cyclopes and the race of fey known as fauns.

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