Editorial Reviews. Review. "The best book on money period." -Grant Sabatier, founder of and Achieving Financial Independence: Fully Revised and Updated for - site edition by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez, Mr. Money Mustache. Items 20 - 50 , Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin their relationship with money and offer a nine step how much money has entered their life. Chapters, PDF & Review Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin's Book. Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship With.

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Joe Dominguez was a successful financial analyst on Wall Street Your Money or Your Life is full of examples, stories and experiences of. Your Money or Your Life: Middle School Study Guide, to be used with the book exercises, in the book Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki. A fully revised edition of one of the most influential books ever written on personal finance with more than a million copies sold “The.

He has been practicing what he preaches in this book ever since. Neither of them intended to teach financial management or to write a book about their financially independent lives — they were too busy living those lives.

But people they met as they volunteered for various community projects kept asking how they had so much time to give. They explained. People wanted to know more. Finally Dominguez and Robin packaged the explanation into a little course, and then a set of tapes, and now this book. Over 30, people have taken the tape course so far, and over , have bought the book. But they hear all the time from folks who have.

I can vouch for that, being on Step Two at the moment. Step Two gets you in the habit of keeping track of every penny — yes, every single red cent — you spend. She said that if she could, anyone could. She used to be as far from orderly about money as anyone could be, she told me, until she got set up so that orderliness came easy.

Carrying around a small notebook with an attached pen did it for her. Setting up a nifty spread-sheet with 72 categories and a graphics program to plot my monthly progress is doing it for me. To each her own way of getting systematic. Tools, earrings, salt shakers, magazine subscriptions, gadgets, whatever — we all have our gazingus pins.

Yours is whatever you have a year or year in the case of me and knitting yarn supply of. I spend a lot of my unpaid time going around the world, talking about the environmental and social disintegration that comes from too many people consuming too much stuff and getting too little satisfaction from it. We all have clutter in our lives. It distracts us and weighs us down. It brings extra worries and more expensive insurance policies. Knowing what you truly value in life will allow you to know with certainty whether that new download will add to your fulfillment or to negative clutter.

To most of us money feels abstract, vague and slippery. It comes and goes seemingly randomly. Money is your life energy. When you work, you are trading a certain amount of your life energy for money.

Your Money or Your Life Summary

For example: Makes sense? In fact, you can do this for fun every time you download something. All of us only have a certain amount of life energy available to us. Life energy is all we have. It is precious because it is limited and irretrievable and because our choices about how we use it express the meaning and purpose of our time on Earth. Being frugal is different than being cheap. People who are cheap will try to spend as little money as they can in every situation. Frugality, on the other hand, is about valuing our life energy.

Your Money or Your Life

Before we can improve our financial situation, we have to see it accurately and make peace with our past. This is how much life energy has flowed into your life.

This is an important first step because it clears the mental fog many of us have around money. Do you really want to get your financial life straightened out? Create as honest and accurate a picture as you can of your total lifetime earnings. Everything from that first lemonade you sold when you were 5 to your most recent paycheck. Dig out your old tax returns and paystubs. Remember any side jobs, family gifts, tips and other sources of money. In the US, you can contact Social Security and ask for a statement of earnings which will give you a lot of this information too.

The second step is to find out what is the total value of all the things you own. Also called your net worth. Make a big list of everything in the world you own. Write down the name and value of it, then add it all up. Your physical possessions should also be accounted for, including cars, furniture, clothes, gadgets, books and so on.

Estimate how much they would be worth if you sold them today.

Your loans and debts are also important, these should be subtracted from your net worth. The numbers are just here to help us gain clarity and awareness around our past. When you have calculated your total lifetime earnings, the authors want you to look at that number and ask yourself a question: Now we know money is life energy.

The sad fact is that most of us waste our life energy. We waste it on short term pleasures and looking good to other people, neither of which makes us feel good in the long term. Why do we do that? Of course, most people find this approach to life is not a path to fulfillment, but an endless rat race. Worst of all, your neighbours are so busy trying to look good to you they will either not notice your efforts or they will resent you for one-upping them.

Seeking short term pleasure is a similar story.

Frankl said life inside the camps was a daily struggle for survival. The only people who survived the terrible conditions had something in their lives to look forward to which gave meaning to their suffering. For example, Frankl knew he had to survive to finish his important book about psychology because nobody in the world could write that book except him.

Other prisoners kept hoping they would reunite with their families and nobody could take their place as husband or father. But when one of the prisoners had lost the hope and meaning in their life, there was always one clear sign.

Cigarettes were used like money in the camps and could be traded for more soup or warmer clothes. Yet when a prisoner became hopeless, they lit up their cigarette rather than saving it. Frankl said when life loses its meaning, humans resort to short-term pleasure seeking. This is developing your own sense of what is right and wrong. This is using your own internal measuring stick to judge what is good or bad, rather than relying on external approval.

That could be Jesus who taught about kindness and peace or it could be Spiderman, who sacrifices his own safety to save innocent people and getting no riches or fame in return. To find our personal values we need to dig a little with some questions.

These questions will sound simple, but answering them is an important first step to break our old patterns and get us thinking in different ways:. Another good exercise is to think of anybody you want to emulate. It could be a funny coworker, a charismatic Youtuber or Elon Musk. But is it really bad advice? People who have purpose and meaning in their life always seem to have a direction they are moving in.

Purpose implies direction. And what are they moving towards? Usually a vision they have of a better life in the future. In other words, their dreams. Ironically, most kids have a better idea of their dreams than most adults. An old dream of being a novel writer is slowly whittled down to writing advertising copy. So many of us have whittled away at our uniqueness so that we could be square pegs in square holes that it seems slightly self-indulgent to wonder what kind of hole we would be inclined to carve for ourselves.

Our dreams are often pushed down and forgotten because they seem to be impractical. What does it matter if we truly wanted to be a landscape painter when the electric bill is due and the house needs a new roof? Yet you may find your dream is more practical than you expected after we shine a light on where our life energy is truly going. How much money do you earn when you work?

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After this exercise, many people see they are getting paid much less than they thought. Here are the 4 steps to calculate it:. Now that you know your real hourly wage, does it make you feel depressed? Your eyes are now opened to reality of what your current job is giving you. This opens up the possibility that going down a different path might actually cost you less than you imagined. Larry G. Then he followed this program, learned how to track his expenses and was shocked because almost half his spending went to the job he hated!

Driving his own car around different work sites meant a lot of gas, oil and maintenance. And there were all the business lunches and small daily expenses which together added up to a lot of money. Larry was excited to realize he really could quit his job and pursue his dreams.

At first, only working part time, him and his wife finally payed off all their credit cards. Make it your new habit to record any movement of money in your life. Write down the precise amount and reason for the movement. After about a week, this habit should become automatic after any download you make or money you receive. You can either carry a little paper notepad or use one of the many mobile apps available.

This exercise will bring a floodlight of awareness into your relationship with money, which might not always be comfortable. Be warned: Your Daily Money Log will create a clear mirror of your actual life and expose many unconscious spending patterns which you are not yet aware of.

This step will test your commitment to financial integrity like nothing else. If you are serious about clearing up your relationship with money, then this exercise will challenge you to bring a new attitude of accuracy and truth to an area of life where most of us are careless and unconscious.

While you are filling out your Money Log, if you feel any shame or guilt arise, watch the feelings with your awareness.

In itself, this can be a powerful spiritual practice. The key to success with this program is to have as much self acceptance and as little self judgement as you can.

As the great psychologist Carl Rogers said:. What are we going to do with all that new information?

On the other hand, you may find that you should spend MORE money in certain categories that bring you a lot of satisfaction. Spending naturally shifts away from those categories that consistently receive minuses in response to the three questions. This will be a simple monthly chart with only two lines: As you continue to follow this program, your expenses line will slowly drop.

These people report no feelings of deprivation, no struggling to keep to a budget, just a natural decline. As your expenses become lower than your income, that gap between the two lines is called your savings. When you have that gap, the first thing to do is create a savings cushion. Like we said at the beginning, savings equal freedom. It provides you a monthly income just as surely as your job does. At first your income from capital will be low, maybe a few dollars every month. Put this income from capital on your Wall Chart too, on a new third line.

You can do whatever you want with your time. Investing is how we actually put our money to work for us. Most of us carry a lot of false ideas about investing that have been cobbled together from a lot of bad sources like news scaremongering, movies that feature dudes yelling on Wall Street and the advice we got from our bankrupt uncle.

The original creator of this program Joe Domingues, used an investing strategy that relied on bonds. Remember he was able to retire at 31 years old with this strategy.

So what are bonds exactly?Sherri December 27, , One of the biggest reasons people overspend is that their money is some sort of imaginary thing. Love hearing your words on Audiobook. Reading older books really underlines how much financial instruments change over time, so even if you have the perfect setup for now, you need to keep educating yourself.

How do you find a new road map for money?

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