To See All full Questions with answers download the PDF file from below >> >. Jexpo solved paper of Mathematics. PDF file for Jexpo. 25 এপ্রিল Labels: JEXPO physics chemistry solved question, jexpo solved question paper, physics and chemistry solved paper. Hello, I want last 5 years question papers of West Bengal JEXPO. Kindly provide me the papers with its solutions. Please arrange the papers.

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According to the question pattern this year question paper was average.

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I, uploaded the first part of solved question. I hope with in Friday all part will be uploaded. Many website appear on the search result, no one have the answer key but they are on the top search result.

So don't wait for council answer key. I try to solve all question but I face some critical question s which I failed to solve and some question I found wrong options given.

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All part of question paper will be uploaded below one by one. JEXPO answer key , jexpo answer paper , Question and answer of jexpo , solved paper of jexpo.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Which one of the following might have been added to make it drinking water?

JEXPO 2019 Syllabus, WB Polytechnic Chemistry/Physics/Maths Syllabus

Which among the following types of water is poor conductor of electricity? A metal carbonate X when treated with dil.

HCL gives Y. Y when used in mines area reduces suspended particulate matter in atmosphere.

Metals present in permutit are — B Na and Al Which one of the following is the formula of salt? Which element has twice as many electrons in its second shell as in the 1 st shell?

Which gas is formed on heating sodium propanoate with lime? Identify the soft metal among the following — D Potassium Among the inert gases which gas does not have octet configuration?

Which among the following acids is present in lemons? Washing soda is — B anhydrous sodium carbonate A mixture of chalk powder and ammonium chloride can be separated by — D sublimation Which among the following is a pure substance? Which is a negative radical among the following?

Salt used in purification of water is — A potas alum The no. Which one gives a red precipitate with ammoniacal solution of copper I chloride?

In the fountain experiment with ammonia the color of the fountain is — C pink Which of the following is a saturated hydrocarbon? Which one of Na, Mg, Fe and Cu has least tendency to form ions?

Which one of the following is least dense? Which one is a convalent compound? Which metal will react readily with cold water? Calcination is employed to concentrate which ore?JEXPO physics chemistry solved question , jexpo solved question paper , physics and chemistry solved paper.

Salt used in purification of water is — A potas alum Which one of Na, Mg, Fe and Cu has least tendency to form ions?

Subscribe to: The electrolyte selected is — B Sodium argentocyanide. Which of the following pairs of elements are members of the same group of Periodic Table? Which one gives a red precipitate with ammoniacal solution of copper I chloride?

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