No matter how many users use it, the licensing of PDFCreator Server is based on a yearly license fee per server. You can download PDFCreator Server in the. PDFCreator Server is our multi-threaded server package for business users. In order to install PDFCreator Server, run the setup and follow the instructions .

Pdf Creator Server

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PDFCreator Server läuft als Windows- Dienst und ermöglicht die zentrale. PDFCreator Server Release. Posted: September 4, PDFCreator. New PDFCreator Server version available. Posted: August

PDFCreator Server

As soon as a free thread is available in the threadpool, the job gets dequeued and is converted using the settings defined for the queue it came from. Once the conversion is completed, the created fi le is stored in the designated location.

The fact that PDFCreator Server uses a windows service allows the application to run without a user being logged on. In addition to that, you can confi gure it to automatically start on machine startup. We have converted 20 batches with simple print jobs each and repeated this on an increasing number of threads of PDFCreator Server.

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As a quick result, you can see a near-linear performance boost when adding more threads. And even in with just a single thread the performance is about 3 times faster.

Skip to main content. PDFCreator Server. High-performance print server.

PDFCreator Server 2. download now.


Windows Service application Centralized management of the printers and settings Share server printers in your network Auto-convert according to your settings without user interaction High performance due to the multi-threaded architecture Learn more about the PDFCreator Server Workflow. Visit our Online Shop.

If the user has access to that location, he can retrieve his files from there. Performance Test. Point the cursor inside the chart to see the details of a data point, like jobs per second and the speedup factor compared to one thread and compared to PDFCreator 1.

There are some limitations when running inside a service. We have solved the first few of them which makes it possible to print to local printers by using the Print Action in the Profile Settings. Moreover, we plan on extending this feature to network printers as well.


If printing to network printers is a key feature of yours, feel free to send your feature request to our support team: According to the demand we are going to prioritize the tickets for the next release. We want to give you more control on how the title replacement is performed by PDFCreator.

Therefore, you can select how the replacement should be done. You can remove simple additions from the filename automatically by adding a substitution to the list.

If this still is not powerful enough, you can also apply a regular expression. With regular expressions, you can do very powerful replacements.

In the user guide we describe a use case, together with an in-depth explanation of how the regular expressions work.Translation updates: Create linearized PDF files for optimized web viewing. Print from Metro style applicaitons in Windwos 8.

A new license tab in the Application Settings makes managing the license more comfortable.

An admin can use the included GUI application to configure and start the service. Fonts look nicer in different screen resolutions. On starting the service, it is initialized with the defined queues and creates a thread pool containing the set number of threads.

New setting rememberlastfilename is now supported.

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