Japan by Rail tells you what you need to know to plan a trip to Japan The book also tells you what to see and do when you are there, as well as where to stay. download Japan by Rail 2nd Revised edition by Ramsey Zarifeh (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. download Japan by Rail, 3rd: Includes Rail Route Guide and 27 City Guides ( Trailblazer Guide) 3 by Ramsey Zarifeh (ISBN: ) from site's Book.

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The Japan Times (Tokyo); This magnificent travel book should be a required in Japan to get around - which in most cases you should - then Japan by Rail. Editorial Reviews. Review. 'Excellent guide' (The Sunday Times (UK)) 'A must for any travel or . No other guide explains the Japan rail system better than this book. Of the 3 guide books I bought this one covers Japan rail the best. While this . We were in Japan for 8 days and relied exclusively on the Japan by Rail book to go on five different do-it-yourself tours via the shinkansen and local JR trains.

You can also just show your pass at the ticket gates and hop on any unreserved train car though you'd be wise to book ahead during peak travel times.

Do I need to book a seat?

For more information on the pass and overseas download locations, visit the Japan Rail Pass website. Express train travel to and from Narita and Kansai airports is also included but not direct shinkansen travel between Tokyo and Kansai , so this pass works well if you are flying into one airport and out the other and want to do a classic itinerary in a fixed amount of time.

The Tokyo Wide Pass is the only rail pass that can be used by foreign passport holders who are not on a tourist visa foreign residents of Japan, for example. As these are mountain areas, this pass is good for skiers and hikers. While only slightly cheaper than the country-wide JR pass, the flexibility here is a bonus. Good for a tour of the rustic north and some skiing.

Good for sightseers with limited time. Pass holders can rent bicycles free of charge at Ekirin rental shops located at train stations covered within the scope of each pass.

For a full list of currently available passes see: www. Good for exploring the Kansai region in depth. These tickets are the cheapest and if you have a Japan Rail Pass, you can board the train without reserving a seat by going to the window at the platform.

You can make a reservation for these seats in advance at any ticket office. Here you can recline your seat, enjoy the footrest and a larger space for you and your luggage as well as magazines for trip. Here are the prices in yen of the main routes.

Other books: IO NON HO PAURA PDF

This chart represents the train fares of "non-reserved seats". How to download a train ticket in japan?

The reserved seat is more expensive than non-reserved seat. Then you can proceed to the platform with your ticket.

Japan by Rail, 3rd: includes rail route guide and 30 city guides

If you have a Japan Rail Pass, there is no need to download a ticket or reserve your seat in advance excluding peak periods , you can board non-reserved cars. If it is a peak period or busytrain, you may need to travel standing in these areas, especially in the case of local trainsbut do not worry, this rarely happens.

It is also quite possible to reserve a seat for free withthe Japan Rail Pass at a Midori no Madoguchi. The Japan Rail Pass may lead to a reduction but it depends on the route you will travel, in fact, the Japan Rail Pass is a package you only pay once for unlimited use of the train that allows you to take all trains owned by Japan Railway company unlimited for 7, 14 or 21 days.

The latter can be downloadd only outside of Japan: you download an exchange voucher which you then exchange in Japan to receive the Japan Rail Pass you choose the validity dates that you would like when you exchange the voucher. The Japan Rail Pass is profitable if and only if the total price of your train journeys of 7, 14 or 21 days is higher than the price of the Japan Rail Pass.

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To calculate the cost and compare it to the price of Japan Rail Pass, visit Hyperdia. To find out if a train is owned by Japan Railway or not, you can also find this out on Hyperdia.

If the system does not find anything, then this route is not valid using a Japan Rail Pass. You must then start over without the aforementioned unchecked boxes and so see how much it will cost and to find the route. They are sometimes true labyrinths of restaurants andshops. Once you have booked your ticket or you have a Japan Rail Pass and are close tothe departure platforms, the hardest part is over. There are signs in English indicating the departure platform of your train and time of thevarious trains departing from that platform.

Then go to the platform, there are markings inEnglish to help you know where to queue, this will be the exact location where the train willstop.

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For most local trains, it is a little more relaxed but the principles remain the same. Another important thing to remember is check what exit you must take to get to your hotelor place you want to visit. Exit signs will indicate name of the road.

You can also ask for helpwith a JR Officer or an information desk where you will find English speaking staff. In Japan, there are several types of special cars and priority seating.

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Do not get into the carfor women if you are not one on the platform you will see "Boarding points for womenonly" , or in the "electronic off" car with your mobile phone switched on.The Shinkansen run on separate tracks and platforms since their track gauge is completely different from the others. Both are well equipped for large luggage, however, the rest of the trains are not. Where to store your luggage Riding the trains with large suitcases is not recommended as there is little storage space provided on most trains.

Practical information — planning your trip; rail pass options; when to go; festivals and events; suggested itineraries; what to take City guides and maps — where to stay, where to eat, what to see and do in 27 towns and cities; historical and cultural background Kilometre-by-kilometre route guides — covering train journeys from the coast into the mountains, from temple retreat to sprawling metropolis; 33 route maps JR service summaries — Summaries of the rail services for the main routes in this guide Customs, etiquette, Japanese words and phrases — with kanji.

The only difference is that rapid trains skip a few stops in comparison to the local one, which makes their time of arrival notably shorter. With a Green-type JR Pass you can use either the coach or the superior Green Car class cars, while with a standard JR Pass you can use only the standard coach class cars without paying an additional charge.

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