Editorial Reviews. About the Author. BARBARA SHER is a speaker, career/ lifestyle coach, and the best-selling author of eight books on goal achievement. Refuse To Choose! Barbara Sher translation missing: etgabentisttus.cf_summary. also_available_in_audio. Barbara´s story at UC Berkeley; The Scanner's Revelation. Don't know what to do with your life? Drawn to so many things that you can't choose just one? New York Times best-selling author Barbara Sher has the.

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Refuse to Choose. View PDF. book | Non-Fiction | US → Rodale. Barbara Sher is back with a life-making guide for the over-interested and undecided. Read "Refuse to Choose! Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams" by Barbara Sher available from. Drawn to so many things that you can't choose just one? New York Times best- selling author Barbara Sher has the answer—do EVERYTHING!With her popular .

Nov 04, Jamie Belanger rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone who feels they have too many interests Recommended to Jamie by: Paul Belanger I think it will be difficult to write a review of this book without exceeding the 20, character limit. But I'll try. Refuse To Choose! Scanners have so many interests and find new ones just about every day that they often have trouble focusing on any one interest for an extended period of time.

I know I fit in with this group, because in the process of composing this review, I alt-tabbed I think it will be difficult to write a review of this book without exceeding the 20, character limit.

I know I fit in with this group, because in the process of composing this review, I alt-tabbed to my TODO list three four times to make notes on new ideas I had. I always do things like that.

For years I thought I was broken, that I'd never complete anything, that I'd never amount to anything. That I'd spend so much time planning new projects that I'd never finish my existing ones.

And yet, I've already finished quite a few projects. At times it really feels like the author knows who I am. She lets readers like me acknowledge that we're different, and then reassures us that there is nothing wrong with that.

In fact, it puts people like me in good company with the likes of Aristotle, Ben Franklin, and Leonardo da Vinci. Finally, she picked a major. She chose math because it looked like the most amazingly gorgeous thing a person could learn on this earth. However, she found it so hard that she gave it up and majored in anthropology.


Although getting a diploma, she did not get a job with her education. She never did anything practical with the other things she loved either. She just loved learning and wanted to keep on doing it.

Even her family thought she was crazy but seemed to be proud of her anyway. At a certain point, she still had her books and snuck into classes whenever possible. At the same time, she was a single mom with kids to support, thus in need of a career to make a living. Graduate school was out of the question because of time and money, so she ended up having an opportunity to work in programs sponsored by the city to help deal with poor people, drug addicts, and ex-convicts.

The Scanner's Revelation The career revelation came to Barbara when she started reading about famous people in history, like Aristotle, Goethe, da Vinci and Ben Franklin—people whose interests were also all over the map—to see if she could find a clue to help her out. As she looked through the books of their journals and letters, she noticed something odd: None of these people seemed to have the slightest problem with not sticking with one field!

They flitted from one subject to another with complete freedom, and they never appeared to feel guilty if they left a project unfinished. None of them ever settled on one career, for that matter, and they never seemed defensive or apologetic about it. How did they do that? Who permitted them to go sticking their noses into whatever interested them? The only answer the author found was that in their time, nobody seemed to think there was anything wrong with doing everything under the sun.

So, Barbara set about giving this kind of people a name: Scanners. This is because instead of diving down into the depths of interest, they scanned the horizon for many interests. What are Scanners?

Intense curiosity about numerous unrelated subjects is one of the most fundamental characteristics of a Scanner.

They are endlessly inquisitive. That is exactly the reason why they don't want to specialize in any of the things they love because that means giving up all the rest. Some even think that being an expert would be limiting and annoying. Identifying yourself so means changing the way you see yourself in the world. It starts with the basic understanding that you should stop trying to fit into the accepted norm at once and begin learning about who you are.

To help you build the productive future you were designed for, you need a set of instructions.

Unfortunately or not, there is no academic path to train you in the best use of your irrepressible curiosity or to direct your quick mind into a multidirectional specialty. Likewise, there are no career tracks or job titles for the multitalented. A parent needs to supply all the children.

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No one in his right mind would ever accuse a bee of lacking focus or losing interest too quickly. Plain and simple, whether it stays at a flower for 2 seconds or 20 seconds, we understand it needs that amount of time to get what it came for, which is the Reward. And what about your Scanner Reward? Each Scanner is unique in this sense. So here enters the need for self-observation and self-knowledge for you to be aware of your reward. But the main reason Scanners are different from others, and the reason they get noticed for not sticking to anything is that they learn faster than almost anybody.

Scanners run through interests in record time because they love learning more than anything else. Who are not Scanners? Specialists are the first ones to come to mind apparently when it comes down to who are not scanners. Some clear examples of them are professional musicians, scientists, mathematicians, athletes and so on.

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However, they aren't. Even though Scanners and sad people might have a hard time choosing something to do, their motives are of a different nature. Scanners do not select out of the fear of missing out. Differently, depressed people do not choose because they do not feel the desire to do anything. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Refuse To Choose!

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She checked it out with doctors long ago. Who are not Scanners?

Use All of Your Interests, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams

Don't know what to do with your life? Free delivery worldwide. Barbara Sher seems such a lovely and committed woman and I love dipping in and out of this book still.

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