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Quickbooks Pro 2008 Book

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QuickBooks books * QuickBooks training guides * QuickBooks manuals your own business tax return under the guidance of a seasoned CPA & QuickBooks Pro Advisor Learn more Quicken. You can also view and download your downloadd product versions by signing into your Intuit account*. Show me how. My account. *Available for U.S. customers. QuickBooks Pro makes it easy to create invoices and track expenses. Microsoft ; Windows Server R2 SP1 or SP2, R2, or ; GHz processor.

QuickBooks Pro can do progress billing - creating an invoice for each part of a job as you complete that part. That's important if you handle larger jobs that take weeks or even months. For example, you can send out a bill that covers percent of the foundation work, 40 percent of the framing, and 20 percent of the plumbing on a job. That's an important advantage. No calculation is required.

QuickBooks Pro does the math and keeps all the records: what you told the customer it would cost, what you've billed so far, and what is left to be billed.

These progress billing statements may also become important business records to reduce arguments over what's still owed. We believe QuickBooks Pro has the best combination of power and simplicity for small-volume builders and general contractors. It makes accounting simple for non-accountants because it works the way you do. You've been writing checks for years.

With QuickBooks Pro, you fill in blanks on a check the same as always. But you do it on a computer screen. And you add notes to check stubs about accounts and jobs to be charged just the way you've always added notes to the stubs of paper checks. Timecards, download orders, and invoices work the same way.

Can QuickBooks Pro do the job for you? The thousands of construction companies now using QuickBooks Pro are good evidence that it can.

Step 1: Install and activate your new QuickBooks

If you're serious about making your construction business grow and prosper, you'll want the accounting and reporting power built into QuickBooks Pro. There's an old saying among builders about construction accounting: "A builder who knows where he stands won't stand there very long. If you agree, QuickBooks Pro may be perfect for your company. For more than ten years, the three authors of this book have used construction accounting packages, some costing thousands of dollars.

None are as slick, professional, and as easy to use as QuickBooks Pro. In our opinion, QuickBooks Pro offers the builder, remodeler, general contractor, and specialty subcontractor the best off-the-shelf accounting program on the market.

It's affordable, reliable, and probably has all the features you'll need. Even though QuickBooks Pro never mentions debits and credits, it handles accounting and reporting functions the same way an accountant would. You may never notice, but QuickBooks Pro uses conventional double-entry accounting.

That means each time you enter a transaction, the numbers go two directions - one way as a debit and another way as a credit. Suppose you enter a bill from a supplier. Behind the scenes, QuickBooks Pro records the transaction two ways, first as an account payable and then as a charge to an expense category. Strictly speaking, the way it comes out of the box, QuickBooks Pro isn't a true construction accounting program. But it's adaptable enough to fit the needs of most construction companies like a glove.

For example, you can customize reports to get great job cost reports, just like a so-called "construction accounting package. Why Should You Believe Us?

All three authors have been in construction, using computers, and using QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro for many years.

We're confident that what we've done for others we can do for you, too. Karen Mitchell was a general building contractor and is currently co-owner of Online Accounting www. Karen conducts seminars nationwide for contractors who use QuickBooks Pro.

QuickBooks FAQs

Craig Savage has been a general building contractor, remodeler and custom homebuilder for over 25 years. In his free time Craig is a construction management computer consultant. Jim Erwin is a partner in several second-generation family-owned construction companies in upstate New York that are involved in land development as well as residential and light commercial construction.

He's an active member of the National Association of Home Builders and has written articles on using computers in construction for a variety of construction magazines. What Comes Next?

But don't just take our word for it. Here's a brief summary of some of the features we'll show you to make QuickBooks Pro specific for your construction business needs. For example, when you download materials from a vendor and receive an invoice or delivery slip, you enter the information in a screen form called a Bill.

You've seen lots of these, even if you've never used a computer and don't know anything about accounting. QuickBooks Pro tracks payables and receivables so you can see at a glance what's owed and what's due. Having all this information available almost instantly should help you sleep better at night. And it helps you make better decisions. For example, it's nice to know how long it's been since you received the last check when a customer asks for "just a little more work" on a project.

And the estimating function built into QuickBooks Pro is limited, as you'll discover in Chapter Everything you need for estimating is on the CD inside the back cover of this book and gets installed when you select the "Complete" installation. The first is to track orders placed for special order items, such as windows, doors, and skylights. Another is to track what you've committed to pay subcontractors.

For example, suppose a subcontractor bids a project at a certain price. You can use a download order to track the bid price to compare it with the bill he submits. The third use is to establish a schedule for multiple payment draws for a subcontractor. If you agreed to pay a framing contractor, say, 30 percent on completion of the floor framing, 30 percent on completion of the walls, and 40 percent after the roof framing, you can use download orders to keep track of those payment schedules and payments you make against them.

The timecard window looks like a paper timecard, so data entry will be a familiar task.

Company file limitations when upgrading to another product, version, or edition

You'll find QuickBooks Pro's payroll function to be very accommodating. QuickBooks Pro payroll handles tax withholding, additions, deductions, and company contributions.

Deductions such as health insurance, payments to a retirement plan, or union dues are simple to set up and report. Premier has tailor-made reports for specific industries and allows up to 5 users while Pro allows 3. Pro and Premier tracks up to 14, items, while Enterprise tracks up to 1 million customers, vendors and items 9.

For more users and industry editions, try Premier or Enterprise. Important pricing terms, offer details, and disclosures. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice. Limited time only. In addition to the discounted service fee, during your first year subscription, your account will automatically be billed each month depending on the per employee fee. You can call to cancel your subscription.

QuickBooks 2008: The Missing Manual

Offer valid for a limited time only and is available to new Intuit QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll subscribers only and cannot be combined with any other Intuit Payroll offer. Check stock sold separately.

Plus sales tax where applicable.

Pricing varies depending on number of employees. QuickBooks supports a maximum of 14, employees, customers, vendors and other names combined. However, performance may slow when processing files containing more than employees. Terms and conditions, features, support, pricing, and service options subject to change without notice.

Get organized to successfully run your business. Pro One-time payment. Helps you maximize tax deductions with organized expenses Track business performance to make better decisions One-click financial, sales and tax reports Easy-to-use tools and simple setup No accounting knowledge necessary. Pro Plus Annual Subscription.

Add to Cart. ADD ON. Hosting Service 5. Up-to-date info anytime, anywhere Collaborate with your accountant No expensive servers or IT maintenance costs. QuickBooks Enterprise. Enterprise Scale from 1 to 30 users with permissions. The easiest and most productive QuickBooks, ever. Desktop Pro. Boost your workflow with powerful tools.

Stay organized and simplify your life. Improve your cash flow. Know where your business stands. Desktop Pro Plus. Find help when you need it 2. Protect what matters 3.

Get convenient upgrades 4. New in QuickBooks Desktop Pro Invoice Status Tracker. Desktop System Requirements. Supports one Workstation Monitor, plus up to 2 extended monitors.

Optimized for Default DPI settings. Internet Explorer 11 bit. Licenses are available in single-user increments from 1 to 10 users or 30 users. Fees apply. Hours exclude occasional downtime due to system and server maintenance, company events, observed U.

Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks Pro 2008 Book+CD, PDF & Software Download

Holidays and events beyond our control. Entire PC is limited to GB total storage which includes all 45 days of backup you have stored. Data encrypted using AES bit encryption. Requires internet access for backup, restore and setup changes and comes bundled in with QuickBooks Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise subscription. Not available to QuickBooks Online users. Not intended as a file transfer, remote access solution for your QuickBooks file.

Subject to change at any time without notice.We believe QuickBooks Pro has the best combination of power and simplicity for small-volume builders and general contractors. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Having all this information available almost instantly should help you sleep better at night. site Payment Products. site Music Stream millions of songs. Select Local backup if you need to open a backup copy. Enter your digit Payroll service key. Get the benefits of QuickBooks Online, with the speed and familiarity of desktop performance. File size reduced by Data File Optimization feature reduces file size by removing audit trail of historic transactions and a few tables from the database that are not used or needed by the company file.

Craig and Jim tour the country giving accounting seminars to professional groups, consulting with individual contractors and actually setting up QuickBooks Pro accounting systems for builders.

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