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The older Russians can relate to the bronze soldier; however, the Estonians do not like the statue because for them it represents Russian occupation. World War II had a dramatic impact on Estonian history. Estonians will never forget it. Works Cited "Concentration Camps. Russian Occuation. Red Terror. Tallinn, Estonia: Grenader, "Russian Occupation. A long time after Estonia acquired their independence they decided not to keep the monument in the same spot anymore; it was in the center of town and it reminded them of the years of occupation.

The problem was the Russians viewed the statue as a symbol of Soviet victory over Nazi Germany; they felt the location in the center of town was a beautiful spot for the memorial to the soldiers. Originally the World War 2 memorial monument was for those who freed Tallinn.

Sometimes the statue was called the tonismae or alyosha. The monument was originally located in a small park near the national library. In the spring a flower garden grew surrounding the statue, allowing people to sit and look at all of the flowers. The statue stood in peace for about sixty years, until the government 28 decided to move it to a military cemetery. For many Estonians the statue serves as a reminder of Russia occupation, when many Estonians were sent to Siberia and killed.

The rioting began in the evening of the 27th. People were injured during the rioting, one man lost his life, and a few hundred people were injured. The rioters damaged bus stops, embassies, small shops, and cars.

Welcome to Tallinn

After a few days the rioting stopped and Estonia began to clear away the broken and destroyed parts of the city. Works Cited "Bronze Soldier of Tallinn.

Finn, Peter. Lillemets, Jana. Girls are most interested in football, dancing, basketball, and track and field. Boys focus more on football, basketball, martial arts karate, judo, etc. Girls and boys both enjoy football and basketball. Estonian people often participate in many sports, and it is part of their daily life.

Some sport members even have a private teacher. Usually the private sport teachers have a lot of experience. In the summer time, people play sports outside because of the nice weather and the fresh air. Estonia has a lot of basketball courts allowing the children to go outside in the summer to play. The winter here is usually filled with snow, but the latest winters have had 30 limited snow.

Estonian people are well known for their cross-country skiing talent, but because the snow is disappearing people has less opportunity to ski. A lot of Estonian people think that it is very sad that the snow is fading away during the winters due to the global warming. Regardless of the season, Estonians enjoy the outdoors and sports. One of the biggest festivals is the Song and Dance Festival. It is important because Estonians believe it is the birthday of song and dance. It is held every few years in the song festival grounds in July.

The next celebration will be in This festival was first held in the 19th century. The tradition was born along with Estonia's national awakening. The first celebration was held in Tartu, during the summer of The festivals have not changed since the 19th century.

Many youth choirs and folk dance groups participate. There was 34 performers and people in audience. The first festival was held in The number of performers increases each year.

Rick Steves Snapshot St. Petersburg, Helsinki & Tallinn

Only the best choirs get to go on stage. Their goal is to develop the Estonian culture. It first started in B. People make a fire and jump over it to make the bad spirits go away.

The bigger the fire is, the further the spirits go away. Part of the celebrations include singing and dancing. Works Cited "Estonian Song Festival. Half of Estonia is covered in natural places showing the importance of nature to Estonians.

Estonians enjoy spending time in nature, as do the many tourists. Saaremaa is bigger than Hiiumaa.

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On both islands many people farm and work in the fields. Both of the islands are quite old. They have many castles and old monuments. All around Estonia there are 1, islands. In summer and winter, Estonians, as well as tourists, visit the islands and go on nature discoveries. Some live a luxurious life with big cars and expensive houses, but many also work hard without earning a lot of money. Men participate in different sport like tennis, badminton, bowling, or fitness. Women shop and also play sports.

In towns there are various ways to spend free time: theaters, cinemas, shops, concert halls, and other things. Finding a job is easier in town as there are more opportunities.

Towns are disadvantaged by the air pollution from the cars and factories. Open space is limited to a few parks.

People have a lot to do and everything is busy. Many farmers struggle to earn enough for their families. The salary is lower in the country; most people minimize costs by growing their own food like potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumber and by raising pigs and cows for milk.

Food is not the challenge. In the country, farmers usually do not have big expensive machines.

Most work is done by hand. People living in the country have more time to be with their families and do their hobbies. Men like to go fishing and hunting or play cards. Women do a lot of handicraft. They make cloth for the whole family. Some of the advantages of living in the country are that there is fresh air, lots of open space, and fresh water. The number of shops, theaters or cinemas is limited though.

Works cited: Herkel, Reelika.

Leego, Aino. Sepp, Karolina. Tomson, Kadri. With the National Awakening came poetry, plays, short stories, novels, folklore, and journalism, all written in Estonian. The national epic, Kalevipoeg , written by F R Kreutzwald , tells a mythic story on the founding of the Estonian nation. F R Kreutzwald also recorded Estonian folklore. The first book published in Estonian was not the Bible which was the second in but the Lutheran catechism in Translations of his books have become more readily available.

Estonians take their literature very seriously. The flow of Estonian literature has increased in recent years, which provides people access to the ideas reflected in the writing. During periods of occupation, it also served as a means to express the difficulties and struggles Estonians faced.

Poetry was very important during Russian Occupation because it shared many of the negative aspects of the occupation and provided a means to express political messages through metaphor. Some authors, like Jaan Kaplinsky, are translated throughout Europe.

His poems are essentially about nature and daily life. Work Cited: Chalvin, A. Jaan Kaplinsky. Taylor, Neil, ed. Estonia: The Brandt Travel Guide.

During Midsummer Madness, Estonians plant a mythical fern flower that is special because the dew will cure wrinkles. One way to use it is to bathe your face in the dew and instantly you will look beautiful and young.

The event takes place when a full moon in August and February forms the right angle, but the festival can only be held in August. February is too cold for the people to be out at night for that long and clouds give the White Lady stage fright. Once a year in August, people come out and stay late to watch a play about the history of the castle grounds. Once the play finishes, they gather around that castle to see the shadow. For the shadow to appear, the moon must be at an exact angle.

The punishment is a result of the lady entering a place where only men were allowed. The legend is that this was home to Vanapagan Old Heathen , a devil who decided to build a bridge in order to visit his friends in Latvia. Old Heathen went out to collect boulders for his bridge; a thunderstorm scared him because thunder was the God of Heavens to ancient Estonians.

He ran scared, creating craters and valleys. The last myth is a short but very well known legend. Her tears of sadness formed the whole river. I actually still take one with me, but I use it as an organizer to stash my passport and some backup cash and keep it in a hidden pocket in my day pack.

Money belt Spibelts Likewise, PortaPocket strap on pockets are an inventive way to conceal your money, credit cards and small valuables. Portapocket Initially made for joggers, these wrist wallets come in handy for travel. Today, due to mobile phones, they store iPhones to credit cards and money. They camoflague well as jogger sweat bands or fashion bracelets. I try not to think about it. Oh well. Sprigs wrist wallets Watch how I use mine for travel and going to the beach! How to avoid thieves when you travel A hotel safe or lock box Valuables are only safe outside your belonging if you trust the source storing it.

Let me know how that works for you. Always have some of your valuables on or near you. Let me reiterate- because of my video work, I carry an obscene amount of digital technology on me, when I travel. Unless I find a safe locker I feel I can trust, I store it all in my day pack and it seldom leaves my sight or back.

When flying, I keep my gear daypack between my feet as my first choice. If i have to split up my luggage on a flight, I take out a fold up bag and to keep my valuable items with me. I occasionally leave my luggage in hostel and hotel storage rooms, even with tour agencies. Many storage facilities allow travelers to enter to get their own luggage.

Bring your own lock. Some hostels give you your own personal locker for your bag and belongings. Not all hotel staff want to steal your belongings. No one wants to lose their job.

Any valuables or technology left out, exposes me as someone whose got something to steal.

Pack it up before going out. The insurance is aimed at backpackers, who tend to experience a gamut of things from theft, sickness, luggage loss, accidents, etc. Their packages include theft protection. In order to qualify for it, keep accurate records.

Sometimes, I go as far as writing down my serial numbers and keeping receipts. What is necessary: If your valuables were stolen, report the crime to the police. If your baggage has been lost, get a report from lost luggage baggage at the airport. Whatever you do, file a report as that will be necessary for you reporting your loss to your travel insurance company. How to Avoid Pickpockets Dress like a local Locals, vendors, thieves, all size you up the moment you stand in front of them.

Want creepy and cool? Check out the Echo Valley and the Hanging Coffins. Paganism before the 20th Century was the prominent religion in The Philippines, and Filipinos believed the dead had to be close to the gods to help reach their final resting place.

So, instead of being buried in the ground, coffins were secured to the sides of mountains.

It is said that the higher your coffin, the closer you are to the Gods. One of my favourite things to do in Sagada is to simply take to the hills and hike for an afternoon. The trails are so quiet I could venture for a day and see no one, having the countryside all to myself!

Stunning views, great weather and deserted trails were the only reasons I needed to venture out to the wilderness. I spent a lot of time in Sagada and I recommend it to everyone backpacking The Philippines who wants to escape the tourist trap. Those looking for adventure should head here.

Check out my Sagada guide for more things to do here…. Venture into the countryside of chocolate hills… sadly not edible! Hop on a few Jeepneys ride on top, the views are awesome from Sagada and head towards the Kalinga Jungle. Please treat this wonderful lady and her accommodating neighbours with the respect that they deserve.

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Tattooing is serious business here and she will only tattoo some people! Read up on all the details of how to visit Whang Od here.The gaffer tape design is to make it look extra trashy 3.

Men participate in different sport like tennis, badminton, bowling, or fitness. Estonia is the most northern of the Baltic States and it is the closest one to Finland; the majority of tourists come from Finland. The rioting began in the evening of the 27th. My only comment would be, as previous reviewers have said, to be able to add a search function, particularly for top choices, would be really helpful.

Folk dancing is an ancient tradition and it changed through time. Dedicated Support You will be supported by a dedicated Learning Support Officer for the duration of your studies, giving you a greater chance of success!

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